Numerous eateries and pubs around Helsingør’s central plaza. A vibrant local market offering flowers, veggies, fresh seafood, handicrafts, cheese, and souvenirs can be found here on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

The statue of Erik of Pomerania, the Polish king and Margaret I’s nephew who ruled Denmark between 1397 and 1439, is located in the center of Axeltorv. The former king relocated to the Swedish island of Gotland after the dissolution of the Kalmar Union and his subsequent deposition in 1439. He started engaging in piracy at this point, earning the moniker “the last Baltic Viking.” Erik visited Pomerania again in his latter years, and he is buried there in the Polish beach village of Darłowo. According to a tradition, Darłowo’s castle still has stolen Danish wealth that is concealed.

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