Since 13 November 1971, when several squatters gained control of some abandoned military barracks to the east of Christianshavn and created a commune, the “Free State of Christiania” has existed. The local government originally sought to drive them away, but as the community’s size increased and it began to draw like-minded outsiders from across the globe, it decided to approach Christiania as a “social experiment.” There are about 1,000 people living there now.

Christiania is self-governing, has its own infrastructure, and even has a kindergarten, all of which are supported in part by the local eateries and handicrafts shops. Despite its “alternative” lifestyle, which has given it a lurid reputation, the community is actually a very pastoral enclave distinguished by its handmade homes, workshops, galleries, music venues, and organic eateries.

You shouldn’t record or take pictures in Christiania for your own safety, especially on Pusher Street, which is infamous for drug distribution. There are signs stating “do’s and don’ts” at the area near the entrance. We suggest you to treat them with respect.

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