Frederick III issued the instructions for the founding of this town in 1655. The location was carefully chosen because it looks out over the Roskilde Fjord’s narrowest section, which has long been utilized for boat crossings to the opposite side.

The J. F. Willumsens Museum is located in the town center. An appropriate structure had to be built to house Jens Ferdinand Willumsen’s (1863–1958) paintings, sculptures, and sketches before they could be presented to Frederikssund. Willumsen’s collection of artwork by other painters is also preserved.

However, Frederikssund is most renowned for its recreated Viking Village, which is situated close to the town’s harbor. The town is available to tourists from April to October, although the summer solstice and the annual Viking Festival are the finest times to go. The nighttime Viking plays, which might include hundreds of players, many of them locals and children, are the most well-liked activities; the last night is highlighted with a lavish meal.

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