When it first built in 2016, the Inderhavnsbroen, or Inner Harbour Bridge, immediately gained popularity among joggers and bikers due to its strategic location between Nyhavn and Christianshavn. The ease of the 180 m (590 ft) bridge has significantly improved visitors’ experiences in Christianshavn and Holmen. Putting functionality aside, whatever way you approach the bridge, you may stop at the designated viewing platforms to enjoy the unmatched views of the harbor and the Nyhavn Canal. Inderhavnsbroen is also known as “the Kissing Bridge” because it retracts in a beautiful, horizontal gliding manner to let ships pass, then re-connects with itself, giving the impression of a kiss. The bridge is the last section of the so-called Harbour Circle, a network of paths that allow people on foot and by bicycle to discover and take use of Copenhagen’s amenities along the harbourfront.

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