The stronghold at Korsør (Korsør Faestning), which dates back to the 13th century and was instrumental in the town’s conquest of the Store Bælt, is the city’s most notable structure. It was taken by the Swedes in 1658 but given back to the Danes a year later. The Korsr By-og Overfartsmuseet (Town and Ferry Service Museum), which is presently housed in its majestic tower, has replicas of ships that have traversed the Store Bælt in its collection.

Algade, Slottensgade, and Gavnegade are surrounded by groups of 18th-century structures. The 1761 Rococo-style home at No. 25 Algade served as a lodging for sailors waiting to cross the Store Bælt at one time. The four seasons are shown in allegory on its front. A modest museum containing sculptures by the 1980-deceased artist Harald Isenstein is housed there.

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