Shakespeare’s Hamlet was set in the regal and opulent Kronborg, and it’s not hard to imagine the Prince of Denmark strolling around the “Castle of Elsinore.” The castle, which was first constructed in the early 15th century, is now one of Denmark’s most visited tourist attractions.

The Play Is What Matters

Erik of Pomerania constructed this regal Renaissance mansion, which Frederick II and Christian IV subsequently renovated. The King’s Chamber and the 62-m (203-ft) Great Hall are two of the most spectacular spaces. The castle’s ominous atmosphere can be found everywhere, from the dungeon passageways to the garden labyrinth, making it the ideal location for summertime presentations of Shakespeare’s tragic drama. You could even run with Hamlet characters while strolling the grounds from June through August. English-language castle tours are available and are included in the admission price. More information may be found on the board at the entry.


Shakespeare most likely never went to Kronborg, although one of his most well-known plays was set there. Amleth, whose tale is recounted by the Danish author Saxo Grammaticus in his Historia Danica from the 12th century, served as the model for the legendary Danish prince. Shakespeare may have read the murder and retribution story in Fran├žois de Belleforest’s Tragiques (1570).

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