Sagnlandet Lejre (“Land of Legends”), an actual open-air museum devoted to the Stone Age, the Iron Age, and the Viking age, is the primary draw of Lejre. Museum employees dressed in period garb demonstrate how to use old tools, cut firewood, and manufacture clay pots for visitors. Children particularly like the village in the summer when they may try out canoeing, archery, and clothing dying. The lifestyle of Danish farmers in the nineteenth century are also recreated in a cottage farm from that era.

One of the nation’s first administrative centers was Lejre. According to legend, it served as the home of the Skjoldungs, a distinguished Stone Age clan. The neighboring burial mound most likely originates from the Stone Age. The Skjoldung clan, as well as items from the Stone and Iron eras, are shown in the Lejre Museum’s exhibits.

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