The comprehensive National Museum offers a thorough understanding of Denmark’s rich history and culture through its extensive collection of stone age tools, Viking artifacts, Inuit clothing, and medieval artwork.

This distinguished museum houses artifacts from all over the world in addition to items related to Danish history. It’s worth setting aside several hours for a visit to the museum because of the Egyptian jewelry and mummies as well as the beautifully preserved 19th-century toys and living quarters. Additionally, there is a great section for kids where they can try on armor or “camp out” in a Bedouin tent. There are English labels on every exhibit.

Gallery Guide

The Nationalmuseum is located in a Rococo-style mansion that formerly served as the Crown Prince’s palace. The museum’s collection is spread across four floors, with the Children’s Museum, Viking artifacts, and prehistory on the ground floor. Ethnography and the Middle Ages both occupy the first floor; the second floor is dedicated to the Middle Ages. Additionally, there are displays of toys and Danish history here. The third floor has Egyptian mummies that you can encounter. Excellent Danish cuisine is served at Restaurant Smör, which is a formal establishment that only offers table service.

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