One of Denmark’s most lovely beech woods may be found on the peninsula separating Roskilde Fjord from Isefjord. The Fællesskoven and Studehaven sectors of the forest are separate areas. A 15 km (9 mi) long cycling path with views of Roskilde Fjord runs between them. A hunting pavilion, known as Frederikshøj, was erected at the mountain’s highest peak in 1875 by Frederick VII. The forest is home to a variety of venerable trees, including the Kongeegen, Storkeegen, and Snoegen oaks, which have served as inspiration for a number of great painters. The oldest of the three trees, Kongeegen, is said to be 1,500–1,900 years old. Its last branch fell off in 1973, leaving just the massive 14-meter-long trunk (46 ft).

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