The Odsherred peninsula, which is encircled by the seas of the Kattegat, Isefjord, and Sejerø Bay, is one of the most well-liked vacation spots in Denmark, drawing a yearly influx of sunbathers and watersports lovers. With its expansive sandy beaches, allure of the sea, and diverse terrain, this area is also well-liked by artists, some of whom have opened galleries here.

The small church in Højby has paintings inside that, among other things, show Saint Jørgen. In contrast, a large variety of birds call the banks of Højby S home, and fisherman enjoy the lake’s beauty. The Sommerland Sjaelland amusement park has a variety of entertaining features, such as a miniature railway, roller coaster, and enormous water slides. Families with children will enjoy the day trip.

The 19th-century Lumsås Mølle windmill has been rebuilt, and you may even purchase flour that has been ground there.

Finally, the local smokehouses, whose fragrances are pervasive, make the little fishing town of Havnebyen a distinctive place to visit.

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