Visit Roskilde’s Vikingeskibsmuseet to go back in time and see five authentic Viking ships that were uncovered at the fjord’s bottom. After you’ve had your fill of history, board a replica Viking ship and leave the museum’s harbor.

In the confined waterway to the north of their city, the citizens of Roskilde constructed five powerful Viking longboats and piled stones on top of them to create a defense. The boats, known as the Skuldelev ships, were excavated much later, in 1962, with the aid of contemporary technology, and the carefully dispersed components were meticulously assembled. The skeletal ships are now placed in the museum’s main hall and provide a unique viewpoint on the Viking naval prowess that served as the basis for the Viking empire.

Nine more Viking ships were discovered during 1990s refurbishment work. The greatest collection of Viking warships ever recovered in northern Europe was included in this find. The 36 m (118 ft) long Roskilde 6 ship has finished its excavation operations. The Skuldelev Viking ships are the primary subject of the museum, however there is a modest display on the Roskilde ships.

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