A great vantage point for viewing the city is the Rundetaarn (Round Tower). A cobbled spiral ramp that loops seven and a half times around provides access to the summit.


In order to serve as a platform for the university observatory, the tower was built in 1642. Christian IV, who drew the renowned golden rebus on the tower’s fa├žade, issued the construction instructions. The observatory is the oldest operating observatory in Europe and is currently in operation. The observatory had to be restored in the 18th century and numerous times subsequently since the Great Fire of 1728 had destroyed the tower. In 1716, Peter the Great, the Tsar of Russia, rode his horse all the way to the top of the spiral staircase, where he was joined by his wife, Tsarina Catherine I, who, according to tradition, arrived in a carriage carried by six horses.


The yearly unicycle race is the counterpart in modern times. The individual who rides as quickly as possible to the top of the tower and back down again without getting off their bike or falling off wins.

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