This village, which lies at the foot of the Odsherred peninsula, draws tourists mostly for its one of Europe’s longest electric model railroads. Over 550 model railroad carriages and over 90 locomotives may be found at Svinninge Modeljernbane. The reconstructions of well-known Danish stations (such as Svinninge, Hilbaek, and Egaa) and all of the rolling stock are made at a scale of 1:87. The connection from Holbæk to Oxneholm was thoroughly recreated by the designers, along with other whole railway sections. After being donated to the town by its original creator, the railway was made accessible to the general public. Numerous skilled workers, including model makers, carpenters, and electricians, assembled the exhibit. In order to deliver current to more than 2 km (1.3 miles) of track, more than 80 m (262 ft) of cable had to be placed. The exhibit keeps expanding as additional tracks and locomotives are added regularly.

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